The story outline

According to Lars Svanberg this is the “millennium love story” about the thralls Holme and Ausi and their escape from the cruel Viking chief Kettil in the 800-century Nordic during the religious duel between ASA-believers and Christian mission.

Land of Wooden Gods is collective name for several features and TV-series

Feature films or/and TV-series are in a way concentrating on the three different main roles Holme as a coming to age story in “Sons of Thor”, Ausi in breaking free in “Land of Wooden Gods ” and Thora  the future in “People of the Dawn”.

Holme – Sons of Thor

If it were not for the roof ridges the Vikings would never have discovered the strange seaside village behind the protective dike. In the faint light of dawn they attack the village and abduct women. One of the women has a small infant hidden in her cloth trying to protect it. Her man Valli loses not only his wife and child but also his best friend and father in battle. He have to accept in despair his wife and son disappearing in a Viking ship towards the Nordic region. The ship has a long journey across stormy seas approaching home coast but the Viking warriors on board are exhausted and asleep. The mother put her child on a shield to escape to an island. She drowns, but the baby floats ashore and is found there by the old chieftain Stortor (Big Thor). The Child will be called Holme, after the discovery site. Stortor takes Holme home to his farm where his own son Kettil is shunted aside. Kettils envy and hatred following Holme throughout their childhood and into adulthood. The woman thrall Amba becomes Holmes dear foster mother.

To the farm comes one day a starving woman with her two young teen girls. One of them is the beautiful thrall Ausi that attracts every man. But soon the men finds out that nobody manage to catch her. The result of such attempt are ofte lacerations on the mens’ faces. Stortor let Holme be educated as farm’s blacksmith under an old Saxon Smith living on the farm. In time this will give Holme status and a more secure future, which further excites Kettil which in turn traines for warrior and wants to be the new commander. Both Kettil an Holme want Ausi. But Ketttil’s attempts are futile. After a hunt for Ausi she flees away plunging into Holmes hut. In order to get away from the chieftain she is hiding herself under Holme’s case. The Gossip Bitch on the farm detects her leaving Holme’s hut at dawn and soon Kettil know where she has been. Kettil has an outburst. He challenges his father about the chief position and threatens to enslave Holme.

Ausi – Land of Wooden Gods

The blacksmith Holme stands alone in the yard of his forge. The evening sun licks the treetops and the late summer stars glimmer on the dark horizon.

A cry of a newborn. Holme waits. He enters the forge, lifts the hammer and lets it go to the sword. Sparks fly in all directions. Ausi comes out of the female thralls house with the newborn infant in her arms.

She looks anxiously in all directions, taking small steps towards the chieftain’s longhouse. Holme follows her with his eyes, and as soon as she enters, he quickly steals up to the doorway. Inside, he can see Ausi tremble before the chieftain Kettil, surrounded by his warriors.

Ausi is commanded to put the baby on the table in front of Kettil, who uses his knife to open the piece of fabric that surrounds the baby. “She has black hair.”

The people at the table compare Ausi’s thick blond hair with the jet black of Holme’s and it is clear who the father is. Kettil discovers Holme squatting at the end of the table. The dark threat in the foster brother’s eye amuses the chief and he points to the male trust serfs:

“Get rid of the fry!”

Ausi sinks helplessly to the ground while the two thralls take her baby into the forest to a certain death.
Holme sneaks out in the night desperately trying to find the baby … starting a lifelong hunt to outwit pursuit by his foster brother, the Viking chieftain.

Thora – The people of Dawn

Kettil tracks Holme and Ausi down and can by the power of Birka Chieftain force them back to homestead as slaves. When everything seems to be back in normal order at the homestead it is attacked by alien ships. Kettil falls for an enemy sword and Gerunn is abducted. Without a Chief the other warriors leave. Holme becomes the head for the thralls and then Ausi gives birth to a child from the last blot. Holme can’t accept a Viking man’s child and sends it away.

Gerunn reclaims the farm and trying to restore power over the thralls. It will be a divisive and dangerous power struggle since the thralls acquired a taste for freedom. Gerunn’s son Svein falls in love in Thora and do not let the mother treat Holme and Ausi as slaves. When the Nordic region suffers grain and crop failure of the black soot Gerunn blame Holme and want him punnished. This will lead to the final battle.

Thora takes a stand for her father against her mother in not believing in any God that claims submission.


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