“The Settlement”, is a Viking farm right next to the water in an archipelago with small islands and islets around.

Main recording environment, is located in a protected lake, which has been part of the Baltic Sea. Free wilderness horizon in all directions. An ideal place. Land, rights of use would have been given for 10 years from 2010. Catering and offices in neighboring town and farm. Nearby village interacts.

We have such a place that would be perfect but then a farm must be built there. Forest surrounds the settlement so that the buildings are difficult to detect even from the lake. The boats are sheltered in a small natural harbor. The farm consists of a longhouse (Shiftain house), a blacksmith hood, two wooden chalets where the tralls lived in summertime when no fire was needed to heat the cottages. In winter, everyone sleeps in the longhouse. There is also a soil cellar and a pig tree, a fenced with a wind guard for the pig. A fence surrounds the settlement to keep the domestic animals and carnivores outside. At the beach is a smaller older boat and a new, bigger boat under construction. In the yard there are 21 adults and a number of children, such as Svein shieftain son and some boys. There is also a horse, some cows, hens and pigs and possibly some lambs as well as a couple of dogs.

Construction / Main recording local:

The farm was to be built by three associated groups, Nynäs, Roslagen and Uppland. Old-fashioned fencing was also to be built by experts. The head of the plot is responsible for animal husbandry.


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