Film Production of the pilot “The child from the Sea” (1999) received more press and television than a standard feature so the interest in the Viking Age was found to be large. It is according to the newspapers Dagens Industri and Aftonbladet (1999), one of the fastest growing hobbies, and today is a billion dollar industry.

Our Drama documentary “Jan Fridegård – The word smith” had its premiere at Slottsbiografen in Uppsala, March 6, 2002 with the support of Film in Uppland and Uppsala. Newspapers, radio and TV covered the event. In August 30 it was shown on national television with high viewing figures.

The Vision of the project includes:

– 3 Feature films

– TV series, documentary and docudrama Multimedia, Web & DVD

– Experience center, events, training, teaching materials


Borje Peratt became the sole owner of the media rights in January 2000 and secured them for 50 years (2050). This applies except literature, all media rights for TV, Film, Theater, Radio, Modern media, “commoditization” experience events and training, for the trilogy Land of Wooden gods, People of the Dawn and Sacrifical smoke. It also applies to the intellectual property right to the figures in the works. The latter is required for the written part Thor´s Sons. The rights are transferred to Draupner Film AB, which has been started in order to realize the entire project. Draupner Film AB is a 500 000 Limited initially owned equally by Ritva and Börje Peratt.

Partners and Organization

The project’s strength lies in its extensive network and partner structure. Relevant municipalities in the Stockholm and Uppland region has been informed about the project. Using Society Culture network organizing cooperation with Viking associations which brought the project time faithful boats and buildings.

Foteviken museum has built an impressive Viking village at Øresund Skåne. They have also contributed with their staff several times. For archaeological correctness we have had archaeologists and historians from the History and other museums, institutions and their colleges from Gotland University and Viking Heritage in Visby. There was also strong support and participation from groups with an interest in Viking Era as Balder (Stockholm) Elvegrimmarne, (Malmö / Gothenburg), Halfdan Islands (Malmo) Toren (Nynashamn), and Halsingarna (Helsingborg).

Among the film-producing company that has been involved realizing the drama documentary and the pilot we like to mention Njord Film (team), Attacca Film (team and technology), Vertical Vision (aerial and submarinfoto), Video Company in Solna (Editing 24P), Jurhagen and Lite Grip (Technology 24P camera), Panorama Film & Theater Effects (Special Effects), Lars Lundgren’s stunt team and the American stunt school.

Thanks to the pilot film The Child from the Sea (1999) Draupner Film AB has established an extensive network formalized in association Culture network, which possesses an extensive knowledge and expertise and bringing together a large number of people who contribute in different ways to the project’s realization. Here are resources to build filming locations, providing clothing, weapons, items, wagons, animals, extras, fighters and entire families as actors. We can fill a village with people in the right clothes, ships with people who can rough sail and fighters who can fight with Viking weapons.



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