Audition for trailer to feature film

Poster and logo, work under progress.

A slave couple’s fight for their love and freedom during the brutal Viking Age.

The restart of the film project “Land of Wooden Goods”, Jan Fridegård’s trilogy about a slavecouple trying to escape their viking chieftain, have involved Faravid of Ugglas with a strong interest in the Viking Age and Rasmus Tirzitis, both with experiences of cinematic features of this epoch.

We are looking for the main roles Ausi (Nordic blond woman about 20-30) Holme (muscular from hard smith labour, dark about 25-35). The Viking chieftain Kettil and his wife Gerunn (about 35-45), other vikings as the spectacular tall and strong Stenulf, and slaves like Big and Tan. Not only face and body size are important but also expression and radiance will be crucial.

The project is a work in progress and much is under construction.

Börje Peratt

Land of Wooden Gods – Sacrificial Smoke – People of the Dawn

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Land of Wooden Gods is the name for an extensive film and media projects based on Jan. Fridegård (1897-1968) trilogy: Land of Wooden Gods – Sacrificial Smoke – People of the Dawn. The story of the main characters Holme and Ausi, implies Viking Era seen from the slave’s point of view, their struggle for freedom and survival.

The editorial “Red Room” on Swedish Television initiated a vote appointed Land of Wooden Gods to one of the last century’s greatest novels. It is also one of the most widely read Swedish novels and was for many years in the top even when it comes to most borrowed library books.

“The Love story of Millennium”

”A thousand-year time cut to a Swedish slave rebellion that contain much richer stuff than Kubriks -Spartacus-. I mean our only non filmed, major Swedish literary epics with historical background, Jan Fridegård Holm Trilogy”.
(Lasse Svanberg, Technology & Human ™ no 152. 1998)

1999 we produced a pilot film “The Child from the Sea” in Skåne Foteviken starring Jarmo Mäkinen and a large number of “Vikings” from various medieval associations. In 2002 we produced the drama documentary “Jan Fridegård – Word smith and poet of the thralls” with Per Morberg starring as Fridegård (SVT, August 30, 2002). Yet no feature film has been produced.

Producent Börje Peratt

The project presented i Cannes 2000 created attention.

Sud Est Fransk tidn bevakar Cannes nr 70_2000_nr 4_72